Welcome to the best collection of books in the frozen world!
Library Set with over 500 books on different topics. My job was to design and help construct the book spines and tops to dress the biggest new set of Snowpierer Season 3!
Believe it or not, here are just a few of the designs made.
Ever dreamed you are in a beautiful Cuban bar? Andre Layton did to, and here is the result!
This amazingly fun project consisted of the complete production of photos for a new set. I coordinated with the Props department to get guns, Costumes for revolutionary outfits, paint for a realistic backdrop, and other departments to get a photoshoot of the with models (crew members) to be used for the extensive dressing of a set a la Bodeguita del Medio.
The photos of 100 + crew members were edited and composed to look dreamy and authentic. 

Main logo prepared to construct on CNC. All console decals as well as signage for the receiver car.
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